On the 14th April 2020 the Theory test is having a major change

19th February 2020

On the 14th April 2020 the Theory test is having a major change in in England, Scotland and Wales.

This change to the test is to make the test more accessible to people with a 

  • reading difficulty (like dyslexia)
  • learning disability
  • developmental condition (like autism)

How Is the Theory Test Changing? 

At the moment there is a case study that you have to read to be able to answer 5 questions

The case study is to test your knowledge and understanding of the situation and road rules. The update will show you a video instead of having to read the case study with only 3 questions to answer.

What type of questions will be with the video, these questions will be multiple choice. But you can go back to the video before answering the next question.

An Example of the Video

Source HM Government

The theory test is still in two parts. Part 1 will still be 50 multiple choice questions within 57 minutes and you will need to get 43 out of 50 questions to pass this section as well as Part 2 the hazard perception which will remain the same.

Who will this test Affect?

All car theory tests will use video clips from 14 April 2020. So, if you failed your test or it was rescheduled before the 14th April and having to reset on or after the 14th you will have to sit the updated test.