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  • Excellent work levels
  • No unpaid cancellations
  • 10 weeks franchise free*

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Special Offer – Join today and get £250 cashback!*

Key Points

  • Online diary booking system – Say goodbye to paper diaries! All our instructor diaries are displayed online for you and your customers to see
  • Gearing You Up For Success – You don’t pay any franchise fees until you have at least 10 REAL and PAID customers (20 hours of work)**
  • Low Franchise Fees – PNG is cheaper than the likes of AA, BSM, Bill Plant, RED.
  • Vehicle Leasing Options – Vehicle Leasing Available from £100 per week including Maintenance & Insurance.
  • Experienced Support Team – Office support team available 7 days per week
  • Personalised Marketing – Personalised business cards, advertisement through Google, Social Media and other marketing materials supplied by our marketing team.
  • We Are PNG – Join one of the largest independent UK driving schools with over 220 driving instructors
  • Pricing Options – We run our franchise on the options of 12, 24, 36 and 48 months with pricing from just £60 per week (All options are cheaper than the likes of AA, Bill Plant, RED…)

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No Unpaid Cancellations – Save £2000 Per Year!

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1 Cancellation per week = Over £2000 Lost income per year

2 Cancellations per week = Over £4000 Lost income per year.

Our driving instructors have no unpaid short notice cancellations with our unique online booking system.

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We want people like you on our franchise in Newcastle. PNG is one the biggest national driving school’s in the UK and there is a reason why we’ve been able to say that for so many years now. We are committed to giving our instructors the best service, fantastic benefits and greatest experience to any franchise on the market at the best possible price.

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