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Find Your Happy and train to become a driving instructor in Stockton On Tees in as little as 8 weeks with PNG !

Instructor Training

The Benefits of Becoming A Driving Instructor In Stockton On Tees

  • Flexibility
  • Job satisfaction
  • A great income
  • Job security
  • Choose the days and times you want to work
  • Take time off when you need
  • Balance your work and home life
  • Our instructor’s work the hours that suit them and you could be doing exactly the same!
  • Spend your day helping others achieve
  • Lots of our instructors will tell you the job is fun, rewarding and immensely satisfying
  • It’s a fantastic way to earn what you are worth
  • A Pass N Go instructor’s average earnings are £50k+
  • All our lessons are 2 hours long and it’s our job is to keep you busy
  • Take advantage of a permanent career move with no threats of redundancy
  • There are thousands of people learning to drive every year to keep you in work

Why choose Pass N Go for driving instructor training in Stockton On Tees?

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  • Professional Trainers With Years Of Experience
    We have hand chosen the trainers we want on our training team to ensure we offer the best of the best within the industry. Their shared knowledge and vast experience will ensure you have the best chance in becoming a fully qualified ADI.
  • FREE Part 1 Training Sessions
    Hosted monthly by one of our course administrators. The Part 1 theory sessions are two hours long and give training, and various tips on the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception elements of the Part 1 theory test. And best of all, this extra support from PNG is FREE!
  • FREE Part 3 Workshops
    Hosted by one of our Trainers. The workshops offer an opportunity for our PDI’s to share their Part 3 Test experiences with each other. This will help our PDI’s avoid potential pitfalls and have a greater chance of passing their test.
  • Part 2 Investment Matching*
    On a final attempt of your Part 2 test and want to buy some additional training hours? You will qualify for PNG funding and we will match the investment you make for additional Part 2 training up-to the value of ten hours. You don’t have to pay us back for this, it is on us!
  • FREE Part 3 Rescue Training**
    We offer up to 20 free additional hours Part 3 training for our PDI’s who are on their final test attempt. You don’t have to pay us back for this, it is on us!
  • More Than Double the National Average Pass Rate!***
    The UK Pass Rate is currently 39%, however following our methods we can boast a pass rate of double the national average at 78%.
  • We Tailor Our Training Around YOU
    Train when you want to and find your new career without having to stress about other commitments.
  • Personal Support
    You have a dedicated Account Manager to guide you. Our Trainers, Course Advisors and Instructor Support Team are here to make your journey easier.
  • Trusted Company Values
    As an award-winning, family run, national franchise, you get all the benefits of a large franchise with the compassion of a family ran company. Find out more about what our partnership offers

Pass N Go Pass rate of 78% is calculated from our PDI’s who fully follow the Pass N Go programme and either pass a part 3 test or fail the instructor training course between the dates of 01/01/2023 and 31/12/2023.

* qualification for this support is conditional on completing all your course training and completed additional training of a minimum of 4 hours between your 1st and 2nd attempts of your Part 2 test. Further terms apply.

** qualification for FREE rescue training is conditional on you completing a minimum of 80% of your additional training and attended every FREE Part 3 Workshop session. Further terms apply.

*** The official UK Part 3 pass rates can be found here:

What's the process of training to become a driving instructor in Stockton On Tees?

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
    Instructional Ability
  • 100 multi choice questions and hazard perception (85% Pass Mark)
  • Multi choice software and booklets used to learn
  • Train in your own time in the comfort of your own home
  • Free regular part 1 online workshops

On The Test:

  • Eyesight Check – 27.5m old style number plate or 26.5m new style number plate
  • Show Me, Tell Me Questions
  • General Driving Ability
  • Manoeuvres x2
  • Independent Driving

What You’ll Get:

  • 15 Hours Training
  • Mock test sessions available before your test
  • Same trainer for both part 2 and part 3
  • Can use your own car or the trainers car for the test

In this practical, you will be required to demonstrate your driving ability in a one hour practical session. You will be required to demonstrate your driving ability in a one-hour practical session performing various manoeuvres at DVSA standard. You are also expected to drive of the highest standard on various types of roads such as in a dense city, on country roads, a dual carriageway & motorways.

On The Test:

  • DVSA examiner will watch you give a lesson to one of your pupils
  • The lesson should last about 45 minutes
  • You’ll be marked on 17 areas of competence that are grouped into:
    – Lesson Planning
    – Risk Management
    – Teaching and learning strategies

What You’ll Get:

  • 40 Hours Training
  • Briefing/Lesson plans booklet and online videos to aid your training
  • Free regular part 3 online workshops

This is an assessment of your instructional ability to teach others and lasts for approximately one hour. The DVSA examiner will watch you give a client-centred driving lesson to one of your pupils. You get to choose which pupil to take with you to the assessment, due to this we would highly recommend you apply for a trainee licence and earn while you learn.

The Legal Stuff…

Please note that the DVSA (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency) has requirements that anyone looking to train to become a driving instructor be a fit and proper person.

How the DVSA obtains this information is by using the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) to perform a DBS check for anyone residing in England or Wales and looking to become a driving instructor. If living in Scotland then disclosure Scotland is used for the same purpose. Wherever you’re from and whatever process you need to follow rest assured we are here to help you throughout.

Also to note:

  • Should have no more than five penalty points on your driver’s licence.
  • Should have held your driver’s licence for a total of four years minimum out of the past six years prior to entering the ADI Register after qualifying.
  • Should not have been disqualified from driving at any point in the four years prior to being entered in the ADI Register.
  • Should meet the physical criteria required in order to control a vehicle in a safe manner.

Once you’ve completed your training course with ourselves we will offer you a position as a driving instructor on our franchise, although we offer this to all our trainees, please note that it is never compulsory for you to join us.

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