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Prices in Manchester

Individual Lesson Prices (Prior Driving Experience)  *  Price
2 Hours CALL US
3 Hours CALL US
4 Hours CALL US
5 Hours CALL US
6 Hours CALL US
7 Hours CALL US
8 Hours CALL US
9 Hours CALL US
Block Bookings  **  Price
10 Hours of Driving Lessons CALL US
15 Hours of Driving Lessons CALL US
20 Hours of Driving Lessons CALL US
25 Hours of Driving Lessons CALL US
30 Hours of Driving Lessons CALL US
35 Hours of Driving Lessons CALL US
Intensive Course Prices (2-4 weeks)  **  Price
Pass N 10 CALL US
Pass N 20 CALL US
Pass N 30 CALL US
Pass N 40 CALL US
Pass N One Week Intensive Courses  ** Price
Pass N One Week (10 Hours) CALL US
Pass N One Week (20 Hours) CALL US
Pass N One Week (30 Hours) CALL US
Pass N One Week (40 Hours) CALL US

* Pass N Go provides 2-hour sessions as standard.
** Block booking and intensive courses savings is based against purchasing the lessons at the standard hourly rate
** Intensive courses- test date and or instructor is subject to availability.

Lessons in Manchester

We’ve got it here, the best automatic driving schools in Manchester, welcome to Pass N Go driving school.

We have a host of online features available to you and that coupled with our amazing customer support team on the phones and on live chat makes it a winning combination.

Register online today and be covered by the Pass N Go payment protection policy whereby we protect all payments made via our online system. This is a unique service, most other driving schools will ask for cash up front which isn’t very secure. Always trust who you are handed over lump sums of money to.

With Pass N Go driving school if you wished to change driving instructors for any reason then this process is quick and painless. We’re one of the only driving schools in Manchester that pay your driving instructor for the lessons they complete with you which means your pre-paid funds are always safe and secure.

You can do more with your online system including watching online unlocked training clips, booking your driving lessons by using the instructor’s online calendar, viewing your progress as you complete your lessons.

We’re proud of our driving school and welcome you to check out our social pages including: Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, TikTok, 

Tumblr and Instagram.

To book in your lessons simply call us on 0333 207 0663 or email at info@passngo.net, once contacted we will respond swiftly to help.

What Pass‘N’Go offers

  • 1-to-1 Driving Tuition
  • ADI Approved Driving Instructors
  • Intensive Driving Courses
  • Taxi Driver Training
  • Automatic Driving Tuition
  • Trailer Training
  • Fleet Training
  • Driving Instructor Training
  • Pass N One Week Courses

More Pass‘N’Go Driving schools in Manchester

We have driving schools providing automatic driving lessons around the following areas in Britain: Cambridge, North-East, Herefordshire, North West and Yorkshire.

If an area you live in isn’t listed above then still contact us as we will more than likely cover your area too.


Become a Driving Instructor in Manchester

Although everyone who undertakes driving instructor training with Pass N Go is guaranteed a position with us it is not compulsory for them to join. Be your own boss, work the hours you choose and feel a great sense of achievement as each of your pupils pass. Few offer such flexibility, earnings potential or job satisfaction.

Click Here for instructor training course prices and more information.

Already a Driving Instructor in Manchester?

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