Christmas Packages 2017

23rd October 2017

It’s that time of the year again! Here at Pass ‘N’ Go, we’re celebrating Christmas by releasing a number of special Christmas Driving deals for our customers at all stages of driving. This is a perfect gift for friends and family that are looking into learning how to drive or are only a few hours away from passing their driving test. We currently have eight Christmas driving deals as well as the option to create custom packages.

The first of our four beginners Christmas driving deals to choose from is the Little Elf, he covers the first 4 hours of driving lessons which are designed specifically for beginners. This is brilliant for someone who has yet to have experience in a car as it covers the basics and is a great starting point. The Little Elf is priced at £44 which works out as £11 per hour and is great value for money!

The next size up is the Medium Elf which covers the first 4 hours of beginners driving lessons, theory test as well as the Highway Code booklet and Driving Test Success Theory CD; again this is perfect for beginners who are looking to start driving lessons as well as looking to pass their theory test as soon as possible. Since all the revision materials are covered with these costs you’ll be more than prepared for your theory test in the new year. The Medium Elf costs £67, currently reduced from £123.94 which is an absolute steal!

Our second largest beginners Christmas driving deals is the Large Elf. He includes 10 hours of beginners driving lessons as well as the theory test partnered with a theory study pack and is priced at £175 reduced from £233.94. The Large Elf is there to offer a little more help for those who need it when starting their lessons and taking their theory test with us as well as being assigned a brilliant driving instructor helping building confidence and there to settle any nerves.

The largest beginners Christmas driving deals we have to offer is the Extra Large Elf that covers the first 25 hours of driving lessons and theory test along with a full study pack. Our Extra Large Elf is designed for those who are eager to dive straight in with standard driving lessons and get the bulk of their lessons organised as soon as possible. This Elf is at the amazing price of £445, down from £543.94!

For those who have had some experience with driving in the past we have a number of offers available. The first Christmas driving deals is the snug little Stocking Filler priced at £59 reduced from £73 and includes 2 hours of driving lessons and the theory test. This little festive gesture is a great starting point to get someone motivated to start driving again and become one step closer to passing their test.

The next level up is our Santa’s Little Helper that includes 8 hours of driving lessons and theory test along with a theory study pack. This package is brilliant for someone who’s has had lessons in the past and needs a little confidence boost before taking the plunge and driving straight into the final part of their learning experience. Santa’s Little Helper was originally £220 but has now dropped to £167 in our current sale!

Know someone who needs the final push to pass their test? Look no further than the Christmas CrackerFor the price of £332 (originally £384!) you get 15 hours of driving lessons and practical driving test, this is brilliant for a refresher and to perfect your manoeuvre before completing the practical test.

Our biggest deal we have to offer this year is the Ultimate Package! Our £805 deal (reduced from £915!) includes a 40 hour intensive driving course, theory test with the Highway Code booklet and theory training pack and practical test. This is designed to make you more than ready to become a fully qualified driver. To become test standard most people need around 40 hours worth of lessons, having this as part of an intensive course means you could be passing with us very quickly. This is brilliant for someone who wants to be on the roads as soon as possible, this is truly the ultimate Christmas package!

All deals are for manual driving lessons, if you would like these as automatic driving lessons or want to create a custom package please contact us on 0333 207 0663 and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

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First driving lesson to be taken between 26/12/2017-31/01/2018.

For any special requirements don’t hesitate to let us know over the phone or in the ‘Order Notes’ box upon checkout online.

All Christmas gift vouchers are usually dispatched within 48 hours.

To purchase one of our deals contact us on 0333 207 0663 or visit

We offer all of these Christmas deals in the following teaching areas and more:

Driving Schools in Aberdeen, Driving Schools in Barnsley, Driving Schools in Bradford, Driving Schools in Darlington, Driving Schools in Doncaster, Driving Schools in Durham, Driving Schools in Gateshead, Driving Schools in Hartlepool, Driving Schools in Huddersfield, Driving Schools in Leeds, Driving Schools in Middlesbrough, Driving Schools in Newcastle, Driving Schools in Sheffield, Driving Schools in South Shields, Driving Schools in Stockton On Tees, Driving Schools in Sunderland, Driving Schools in Wakefield.