Introducing Part 2 Investment Matching

12th February 2024

Introducing Investment Matching

Your Part 2 Test can be one of the most difficult challenges to overcome as a trainee driving instructor. Although we boast an impressive 78% pass rate for our course – over double the national average – we want to aim even higher.

That’s why we’re introducing Part 2 Investment Matching!

What is Part 2 Investment Matching?

Part 2 Investment Matching is a system we have in place to help you – if the occurrence arises -where you are on your final attempt at a Part 2 Test.

We will help by matching any additional training you purchase. This means that if you purchase 4 hours of Additional Training, then PNG will match this and give you another 4 hours of additional training free of charge.

We will offer to match this all the way up to 10 hours. Meaning you could receive an additional 10 hours for free.

This is only applicable if you have taken an additional 4 hours of training between attempt 1 and 2.

We anticipate that this will be a big bonus to all of you in training!